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Cotton Wool Corduroy

In case you haven't caught on just yet, let me put it plainly – we're head over heels, utterly infatuated with fabric. I'm talking a serious, all-consuming kind of love here. In our world, fabric and well crafted garments are like the perfect duo, inseparable and complementary, much like the classic yin and yang dynamic. You simply can't have one without the other.

So, let me introduce you to a fabric that's the embodiment of beauty and uniqueness – our cotton wool corduroy. This fabric isn't playing by the rules; it's both tenderly soft and impressively durable, truly a masterpiece courtesy of the Italian craft. And when it came to choosing a color, we ventured into uncharted territory, presenting to you a shade we've affectionately named "Chateau." Inspired by the charming color palettes that painted Austria and Switzerland in the late 50s, this hue is all about capturing that vintage vibe.

Picture it: the delicate blend of cotton and wool gives this corduroy a personality that's a blend of cozy and tough – a perfect balance. It's like the artisans took extra care to ensure that each inch of this fabric tells a story, just like beautifully constructed garments do.

In a nutshell, our world revolves around the magic that happens when fabric and craftsmanship collide. And our "Chateau" shade? Well, it's like a time machine to the elegant hues of a bygone era.

Content: 92% Cotton, 8% Wool

Origin: Italy

Weight: 340/350 GSM

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Wool Silk Herringbone

Let's decode the mystery of 14.5 Micron Wool Silk, shall we? In essence, it signifies an exceptionally fine yarn that's been woven into the creation of an exquisite fabric. Imagine a yarn so delicate, it's like poetry in textile form. And that's exactly what this fabric is – a masterpiece crafted from threads of utmost finesse.

This isn't just any fabric; it's a statement of elegance, a symphony of the finest materials meticulously orchestrated into a work of art. The term "14.5 Micron" or more commonly used "14µ" might sound technical, but its result is simply beauty in its purest form.

And as if that weren't enough, we've added a touch of allure to this fabric. A herringbone pattern, so subtle and yet so undeniably alluring, weaves its way through the cloth. It's the kind of detail that whispers sophistication and elegance. It's an invitation to savor the small things in life, to celebrate the joy of living – or, as the French put it, to relish a little "joie de vivre."

So, in essence, what you have is more than just a fabric. It's a journey into the realm of finesse, a tactile testament to beauty and grace. With every glance and every touch, you'll feel the story woven into each fiber, a story of dedication to craft and an ode to the finer things in life.

Content: 93% Wool, 7% Silk

Origin: Italy

Weight: 290/300 GSM

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Super 130s Merino Wool

A wool shirt, you say? Crazy, right? Well, hear us out – it might just be the most captivating fabric we've stumbled upon for shirt-making, and yes, it was a stroke of pure luck finding this. It's a bit unconventional, we admit, but sometimes the unconventional turns out to be sheer genius. This 100% wool is like a grand performer in weaving and finishing, and it's armed with a natural stretch that makes comfort its middle name.

Now, if you're not exactly a connoisseur of fabrics yet and you're scratching your head over terms like "super 130," don't worry, you're not alone in that confusion. Is it like getting an extra 30 points of superpower? Well, not exactly, but in a way, you could say it's a bit supercharged. In simple terms, the higher the super number, the finer and softer the fabric tends to be to the touch. It's like a secret code for luxuriousness. But here's the twist – it's a delicate dance between being as soft as a cloud and as tough as a proverbial nail.

So, yes, we might be treading a fine line between audacity and brilliance, but trust us, this wool shirt fabric is a journey you'd want to embark on. It's the result of a symphony of craftsmanship and material, a testament to the fact that sometimes, the craziest-sounding ideas end up being the most remarkable ones.

Content: 100% Wool

Origin: Italy

Weight: 170/180 GSM

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Merino Wool

Ah, the timeless embrace of Merino Wool, a beloved and enduring staple as autumn graces us with its presence. There's a certain robustness to this wool, an inherent strength that welcomes the crisp fall air while promising cozy warmth as the temperatures dip. And softness, oh, the hallmark of quality Merino; it caresses the skin, offering that plush comfort we all cherish, especially when it's crafted with the finest care.

As we sought the perfect yarn, our aim was clear: to find a textile that could not only stand tall on its own but also dance elegantly in layers during those bone-chilling, 'cold af' Canadian winters. Merino Wool, with its versatile nature, emerged as the frontrunner. Its fibers possess a unique ability to trap air, creating natural pockets of insulation, making it a stellar choice for both solo wear and as a key player in the art of layering. The winter winds might howl, but within the folds of Merino, you'll find a comforting sanctuary, a cozy cocoon against the icy bite of the Great White North.

Content: 100% Extrafine Merino Wool

Origin: China

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4-Ply Tropical Wool

4-ply tropical wool is a luxurious fabric crafted with four fine threads twisted together, ultimately offering an unwrinklable, breathable, and bombproof (don't sue us) cloth, all while exuding an exquisite level of sophistication and charm.

What adds a delightful twist to this fabric is its intriguing contradiction; being both heavyweight and referred to as 'tropical.' Traditionally, we associate 'tropical' with lightness, perfect for warmer climates. Yet, in this innovative creation, we challenge that notion. While it maintains the essence of breathability, it boasts a sturdier weight that defies the conventional tropical fabric expectations. It redefines 'tropical' by seamlessly blending this lightweight breathability with durability, making it a fabric not only suitable for warm climates but one that transitions beautifully through all four seasons, embodying true versatility and refinement

Content: 100% Wool

Origin: Italy

Weight: 410 GSM

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Brushed Cotton

Brushed cotton isn't just a fabric; it's an experience. Picture the coziest winter morning, where everything feels just right – that's what it's like to wear this overshirt. The brushing process gives it a velvety touch, a sensation you won't want to part with. It's comfort redefined, a blend of luxury and practicality.

Numbers often tell a story in the fabric world. While we won't delve into the technicalities, the '98%' speaks volumes about the cotton's embrace, and that dash of elastane? It's the whisper of flexibility that turns a shirt into a companion for any adventure. Tough when it needs to be, gentle when you desire it.

Yes, we're pushing boundaries once more, charting a course between audacity and brilliance. Crafting a heavyweight brushed cotton overshirt was a leap of faith, a bet on the extraordinary. Trust us, this journey through textile innovation is a testament to the beauty of taking risks – sometimes, the boldest endeavors result in the most remarkable creations.

Content: 98% Cotton, 2% Elastane

Origin: Spain

Weight: 240 GSM

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Ribbed Organic Cotton

If you're envisioning a mere tank top, then you're in for a delightful surprise – because this is no ordinary tank. We've gone the extra mile, selecting a heavier cotton that transforms it into a standalone statement piece, defying any notion of it looking worn after a few rounds.

Crafted with precision, we've chosen organic cotton as the base, and just a touch of stretch to ensure it maintains its shape. This infusion of stretch doesn't just add a pinch of comfort, but also contributes to the tank's impressive durability and lasting power. It's a concoction that resonates with longevity, a piece that defies the test of time and wear.

So, imagine this: a tank top that's not just a casual afterthought, but an intentional addition to your wardrobe. Whether worn alone or layered, it's a declaration of both style and substance. The meticulous attention to fabric choice and construction is a testament to our commitment to offering you garments that don't just endure but also elevate.

Content: 97% Organic Cotton, 3% Elastane

Origin: Portugal

Weight: 235 GSM

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Wool Flannella

Wool Flannel, or as the Italians would elegantly put it, 'Flannella' – the very name exudes a sense of romance, doesn't it? Picture a mid-weight flannel, a fabric that sings of autumn and winter. What encapsulates the essence of these seasons better than a classic grey or brown flannel? I mean, we don't know.

And this, my friend, needs no embellishment. It's simply perfect – the weight, the luxurious handfeel, the lasting durability. Trust us on this; you'll fall in love with it.

Content: 100% Wool

Origin: Italy

Weight: 360 GSM

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Cotton Twill

Cotton is a mysterious yet fascinating fabric, seemingly simple yet intricately technical; lacking the strongest textiles background, we embarked on a learning journey, unraveling the complexities of terms like picks, ends, and ply—what is all this non-sense—but we went deep and learned it all. For this season, we really amped up the fabric of the Greenleaf, using a gorgeously silky 120/2-120/2 cotton twill.

Let's attempt a one-sentence masterclass on what this means: The '/2' signifies the ply of the yarn, where '2' indicates that two individual threads were twisted together to form one, enhancing the fabric's strength and quality—we're just kidding, we won't bore you to death.

Content: 100% Cotton

Origin: Portugal

Weight: 106 GSM

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Duffle Wool

We're tired today... Just buy it, you won't regret it.

Content: 100% Wool

Origin: Italy

Weight: 750 GSM

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Cotton Jacquard

Ahh, yes—Jacquard. This is more of a love letter to the invention rather than the fabric, sorry.

Derived from the brilliant mind of Joseph Marie Jacquard, a French weaver and merchant, who invented a mechanism that revolutionized the weaving process by using punched cards to control the pattern being woven.

In essence, Jacquard fabric stands as a homage to this technological marvel, where intricate designs and patterns are not just woven but orchestrated with a level of precision and artistry that was once deemed beyond the realm of possibility. The punched cards, akin to an early form of binary code, instruct the loom on which threads to lift, creating an astonishing array of patterns, from the subtlest motifs to the grandest tapestries.

The beauty of Jacquard lies not only in its stunning visual appeal but also in the remarkable versatility it offers. From intricate floral designs to geometric wonders, the Jacquard loom can craft a vast array of textures, making it a fabric beloved by artisans and designers alike. It has transcended its origins, becoming a timeless canvas for creativity, forever indebted to the inventive spirit of Joseph Marie Jacquard.

Content: 100% Cotton

Origin: Portugal

Weight: 104 GSM

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