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Sartoria Wynona is not just a service; it's an embodiment of the philosophy that clothing should be an extension of oneself, enabling you to navigate the diverse landscapes of life with confidence and grace. we offer an advanced made-to-measure service emphasizing craftsmanship, refinement, and meticulous aesthetic curation, surpassing traditional practices in the field.

We understand that life is a journey, a continuous motion that deserves to be lived to the fullest. Our approach to sartorial elegance seamlessly intertwines with the dynamic rhythm of life in motion. We believe in the fusion of Italian traditions with a contemporary mindset, allowing you to express your unique style while embracing the comfort you deserve.

Our service is developed to cover the entire wardrobe. The offerings span from formal eveningwear to casual leisurewear. the sartoria team assists each client on a personal basis in order to create unique garments and build a custom wardrobe for all occasions that is made to last.

July Introductory Promo:

Full Canvas Suit $1,500
Sportcoat: $950
Trouser: $550

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The Process

First Step – The First Appointment

Sartoria Wynona operates by appointment only. Please note that bookings can be made without immediate intention of placing an order. During the first appointment, a unique silhouette is created for each individual client through an advanced measurement and fitting process with extensive attention to detail. Aesthetic aspects such as fabrics, design, and style are thoroughly discussed. The client is closely guided by a team member through this process. Duration: approximately 45-60 minutes.

Second Step – Fitting

The second appointment is scheduled 4-7 weeks after the first meeting. During this appointment, a primary fitting is conducted on the garments ordered. Alterations are made, if necessary, and the fit is updated digitally to simplify future orders. Duration: approximately 30 minutes.

Third Step – Fitting (Optional)

Approximately ten days after, the alterations made during the second fitting (if needed) are reviewed, and the digital pattern is optimized further if necessary. Duration: approximately 20 minutes.

Fifth Step – Delivery

The product is ready for delivery.

68 Claremont Street, Toronto, Canada M6J 2M5