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wynona stands for lasting style, quality and elegance. with a committed approach to being a responsible fashion brand, continually moving towards more sustainable and creative modes of production. it’s about narrowing down the options and curating a streamlined wardrobe that transcends trends. our focus is to use the highest quality materials available in the hopes that these garments will last a lifetime.

through meticulous craftsmanship and methodic repetition, we refine and tweak the wardrobe over time to reflect the changing needs of the wynona man. each collection builds upon the next and additions are made to complement, rather than reinvent the wardrobe. this to curate an edit that is relevant and lasting in appearance, function and quality.

we follow the new developments within sustainability closely to make decisions that work in favor of people, animals, and the planet. minimizing the impact is an ongoing journey with no shortcuts, and the ultimate goal is to grow in a sustainable way.

the wynona team